The Fan-Fiction of Severus Snape-Good and Bad.

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When I found out about fan-fiction, one of the first that I started to read was, of course, Harry Potter, this was what I was looking for when I came across it. I will admit that the first character apart from Harry that I looked into was Severus Snape, both the good and bad versions for his role. The stories that I have read have been good for the most part, and some have not, but I think some of that comes from the fact that English was not the first language for the writer.

Slytherin CrestThe Non-Death Eater.

I have read a few stories that have Severus as never been a Death Eater at all, and I have found them to be well written and a good plot line thru them. There is one that I have read a few times, and I am currently reading again, it’s called Maybe I’m Amazed, written by Alethea27 on fanfiction dot net. What happens in this one is that Eileen was a stronger woman and kicked Tobias to the curb and give both her and Severus a better chance at having a good life with his friendship with Lily in a better place than what was in the books.

I enjoy these type of stories as they show what his life could have been and as it should have been if one or two things had gone the right way, they also show what I think is his true self and not what most others saw or wanted to see.

The Lost Child.

These, and I have read a few, have broken my heart as the writers have been able the get the emotion across from Severus as he feels that he has no other choice but the fall down the rabbit hole of his life that was caused and pushed on by others. One of the things that have gotten up my nose about the whole of his life, not one person cared when they saw what his life was like, they just brushed him off like a kicked dog, and then they wonder why it turned around and bit them in the bum.

I have a bit resentment for just about everyone, even Lily for their actions or inaction towards Severus; I blame the adults around more than the teens in this regard. They let down not just Severus but just about every other person who was in the same boat as Severus. How many could have been helped away from the path of loss and death that they did not want or need?

The Ultimate Death Eater.

Severus as the ultimate Death Eater is probably one of the best ones they read for me as these show that this side of him could have been his true self. The funny thing about them is that in just about all of them Harry is dark and either helps run the Dark sect, or takes control of the Dark faction from the Dark Lord and run it wells and with less bloodshed, and he enjoys his freedom from the light side.
Severus walk

The Severus in these stories is very cold, at least to me, is probably the most believable as he has always had the dark lean with regard the magic, especially if you see the magic in three aspects of Dark, Light and Grey. He has always been more dark than light, but it does not stop someone from fighting for the light against the growing darkness that was surrounding the magical world.

My Favourite Site.

My favourite site for reading fanfictions and not just Harry Potter fiction is, it’s a great place the find what you want the read and find something different from what you would typically read. The sheer range of the writing of fan fiction is incredibly diverse; there is always going to be something for you the read and enjoy and not just Harry Potter either. Just about everything you can think of has some form of fan fiction; your imagination is your only limit.


Severus Snape is an incredibly complex character in both the books and the movies; this has been brought into the realm of fan fiction. Every person who writes about Severus, they bring something different to the character and pull out something different from some other writer. I have enjoyed the ride, and I look forward the continuing finding new stories that show more facets of not just Severus but of the magical world of Harry Potter.

Check out a few writers on fan, and you won’t be disappointed, try DebTheSlytherinSnapefan, sevvyboy1fangirl and phoenixgirl26. These three are my favourite writers and are the ones I go back to when I have nothing else to read or want to reread one of their stories.

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  1. Wow, really great post! Lots of good information to read! The more you read more you are interested! That is awesome post!

  2. One of my all-time favorite books and movies. Such a great take on the characters, I agree. I especially like your take on Severus.

  3. As the books progressed, his character becomes even more complex. Some pages I wanted to hate his character, an on other pages I found my head tilting and warming up to him. His character is like an emotional roller coaster. While I love Harry, I found this mix of emotions towards him as well. When I loved Snap, I was frustrated with Harry and vice versa. I really enjoyed your view and post. I look forward to more.

    Thanks so much,

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