Subscription Boxes – You never know what you will get.

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wizard cardThe world of Harry Potter has a fantastic array of products that can be collected but would cost a small fortune that would resemble the GDP of a small nation. One way around this is by buying a subscription box. As the name suggests, it’s a box that you have a monthly subscription in which you will receive it full of products relating to whatever you have subscribed. These options are extensive, and there will box that is suitable for you and the rest of the family.

I found out about this product by surfing the net one day, and I had been intrigued by the idea behind this. To have the ability to collect items from one of your favourite fandoms was very attractive to me. When the first one came, I felt like a kid at Christmas.

Benefits of the boxes.

One of the benefits of the boxes is the whole unknown factor of what is in the box. You get sheer joy out of what could be in the box and what that one thing could be that will make your day. The other benefit is finding that one item you will fill in love with and treasure.

How to use the product.

The use of this product is very self-explanatory.

  • When you receive the product, cut the tape the is sealing the box.
  • Lift the lid, and you will see what you have received. 
  • Enjoy your items.

product cardProduct Description.

This product is a great way to collect exclusive items for the fandom that you follow. The gift boxes themselves are adorable to look at and even to collect. The number of things that are inside is about 5, but it could be more, it depends on the company that you use.

Every box comes with a card telling you what is inside, depending on the theme of said box. For example, Loot crate was one that I used for a bit; you would receive a description card that would tell you would have inside.

Who has a use for this product?

The type of person that would be interested in paying for this would be someone that likes to collect items from any fandom. The good thing about the boxes is that you can get some that are just for the kids and not for the severe colleter.

What I liked about the product.

The first thing that I liked about this product was the tee-shirt, as I went with the house option of Slytherin. The box that I received was all about Quidditch through the ages; you got a pin saying, quidditch captain, a Slytherin quidditch pendant keychain, a golden snitch trinket box and a Hogwarts quidditch varsity patch. 

Overall, the items that were inside I liked a lot, I especially loved the tee-shirt and the keychain, I used these all the time. 

What I did not like about the product.

The only thing that I did not like about the box that I received from Loot Crate was the price for those who live outside the US. Part of not loving the cost is because the items were not of the best quality except for the tee-shirt.

Final Comments.

Out of the box subscriptions that I have had a look at and the one that I have used, I have found that they are a good value for money, but you can run into products that not of high quality within the box.

Subscription boxes are fun for the family and for the inner geek that lives in all of us; it all comes down to the never knowing what you will get.

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5 thoughts on “Subscription Boxes – You never know what you will get.”

    1. Hi and thank you for the comment, sorry I really need to back thru and say what the link is for and it’s for Geek Box, I was with Loot Crate but I dropped out of that one this year.

  1. Subscription boxes are so hard, I have tried a couple and actually never stuck with one very long. I appreciate you giving an honest review about what you got and most importatntly the quality of the product. This is important to me and I think would deter me from ordering something if I did not think it was of the best quality.

    1. Thanks for the comment and I do agree that the boxes are hard, I have looked at some of the videos on youtube for a few of them and found Geek Box to be rather good quality. I am picky about what products I would buy for whatever fandom I like.

  2. What a fun idea! That is a great way to get fun things coming in the mail, but to also keep it as a surprise for everyone. I can definitely see how you’d feel like a kid at Christmas….every month!

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