Slytherin House-The Lost House

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When I think about the houses of Hogwarts, the first house that I think about in Slytherin house. This is the house that took the brunt of the wizarding world’s anger and resentment towards the dark arts and the dark aspect of magic as a whole. Is Slytherin really the cause of the two wizarding wars or just the biggest casualty of the two wars.

The Founder.

The founder, Salazar Slytherin, was to some dark, evil and wanted to keep all muggle-born away from Hogwarts and keep the teaching of magic to just the purebloods of the time. Like all history, it’s written by the victors, and this gives it a one-sided bias. The one theory that I keep is that he wanted the muggle-born to learn about magic before they went to Hogwarts so that they could fit in better with the magic-raised.

It’s hard to get much of a read on Salazar as I find him to be the most unknown of the four founders. Now whether that was on purpose or not remains to be seen. For me, though only one character in the books come close to Salazar, and some will find this interesting, and that is Severus. I know what you are thinking, but he does make me think that, both private and drawn to the dark and the dark arts like it is water and just plain snarky.

Heads of House.

The only Heads of House that I am aware of are Severus Snape and Horace Slughorn. Both of the two men were former members of Slytherin house and took great pride in that fact; both are potion masters with Severus being the better of the two as he was the youngest to receive his mastery. I think the one thing that set them apart from each other was the fact that Severus cared more the students than what Horace did. Horace had his favourites, those being ones who he could ride the coattails of and did not give one for any who did not live up to that. The other side of the coin, there is Severus, he cared about members of his house and trying to steer them from the dark lord without showing that was what he was doing, but it did not always work out.

The Members.

Members of Slytherin are said to be cunning, but sometimes I think they just as brain-dead as some others are. The reason I say this is that most played follow the leader with the dark lord and did not think for themselves about what he was saying, it must have been all the inbreeding that melted their reasoning. With anything, few went against the mould, tried to break away from the most likely, their lot in life. For the most part, members of this house went on to be upstanding members of society and tried to make sure the wizarding world moved with the times, but it never really made much of an impact. There is nothing wrong with keeping the traditions alive and well, but they must be taught to everyone, and that includes the muggle-born.

The Headmasters.

There were only two Slytherin headmasters that I know about, and by far the one that I like the most is, of course, is Severus. I feel he had the hardest time of being headmaster than anyone else in the history of Hogwarts, with keeping the students and teachers safe from the Carrows twins and the dark lord and everything else he had to do. It can not be easy trying to play both sides of the same coin against each other and try to keep your head on your shoulders.


Slytherin house was tarred with a bad reputation for a very long time and try as they might it never really went away. I think it was easier for others to try and keep the house down so that they did not have to have a look at themselves, thinking they are just a bunch of snakes and they deserve to be looked down on. There was never much of a move to try and bring them up by any of the teachers or even the headmaster, they just walked away from them and did not see they some just wanted a bit of recognition for they could bring to the world, but they were just overlooked in favour of other houses. Sometimes it indifference that causes more harm than actions do.

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6 thoughts on “Slytherin House-The Lost House”

  1. This is one thing I pondered on while reading the series. On a more serious note, I agree with your submission here concerning how the house of Slytherin was looked down by everyone and always referred to as the bad one and also the wicked ones. However, I knew there was more to it than just what was presented. Thank you for giving a clearer understanding of this.

    1. Thanks for the comment glad you like it. Always thought that Slytherin got the bad end of the deal but the really sad part was no one really gave a knut about it  

  2. Thank you for giving a clearer understanding of the Slytherin house. You see, I didn’t think myself that the people there were any better and you have even convinced me more to take in that fact. You see, while watching the series, there were somethings that made one a bit confused. I think the house was a probable cause though of the war.

    1. Thank you for the comment, I think more along the line of ‘a few bad apples’ that really gave the house a bad name and it would take a long time to make that right again, most people have a long memory about things. 

  3. After reading I found that Slytherin house was tarred with a bad reputation for a very long time and try as they might it never really went away. There was never much of a move to try and bring them up by any of the teachers or even the headmaster, they just walked away from them and did not see they some just wanted a bit of recognition

    1. Thank you for the comment:) I agree with you there Parveen, that was all they wanted then they could held the heads high.  

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