Hufflepuff House – The Badger You Never See

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Of the four Houses of Hogwarts, the one that is overlooked is Hufflepuff House. This is a house that is the most grounded of the four; This is partly because the founder, at least to me, was the most grounded of the four of them. Now, if you are someone who loves to read fan fiction, this point of view is the most written point of view of the founder.

Mother Badger

Helga Hufflepuff is the founder of Hufflepuff House and to many, is the most loved founder of Hogwarts. Helga is at least to me, is seen as a mother hen to not just her students that are part of her house, but all students of Hogwarts never mind the house. Helga to me has always come across as the only one who really cared about all the students of Hogwarts; the others were more worried about everything but the students about 90%of the time. The head badger is the most grounded, so this means she had a lot more of hands-on not just with the students but with everything that was around Hogwarts.

I am going to dive into fan fiction here for a moment because even in the books Helga is not talked about, it’s more along the line of the other three. When I read stories about the founders, Helga is described either a healer or potion mistress. Most writers have Helga as the biggest grandmother you can ever come across, and most likely the only one that did a lot of the actual building of Hogwarts.

The Badgers

Members of the house are the most loyal and hard-working of everyone that come and leave for the world outside of Hogwarts. The loyalty that they show can be both good and bad, as what is not looked at the books is that there was some, not a lot, but some who did join with the Death Eaters, they just never made a mention.

When they go out into the world after Hogwarts, they do the best that they can by being fair and loyal to whatever or whoever they decide to follow. The few that stand out for me are Susan Bones and Cedric Diggory, they both in the body the real values that the house stands for, both are loyal to their family and friends and to what is right and not what is easy.

Inside of Hogwarts

The general feeling towards Hufflepuff house is that they are a bit slow and not that intelligent, in other words, a bunch of duffers. That is far from the truth though, the way I see it, they just go about their work unnoticed by the many. Ironically, the one house that you would think would give Hufflepuff more hassle would be Slytherin. It’s Gryffindor that really comes across as the one that hassles the others more, at least that’s my opinion on the matter. I try not to hate on one house over the others, but sometimes the lions make me want to hit my head against a brick wall.

Rest of the World

To the world outside of Hogwarts, the members of the house of the badger are hard-working, but they looked down on in some sectors of the wizarding society, this only applies to Britain. The rest of the world does not even care about what house you were in at school; they only care about how good you are at the job you have, homes do not matter in this regard.


Hufflepuff house is high, and for some not really regarded within the walls of Hogwarts, in reality, the badgers quietly go about their day and work without all the loudness and ego that is in the other three houses. The members and the head of Hufflepuff are a testament to the founding principles of Helga Hufflepuff; you could argue that they are the backbone of the British wizarding world.

When I am reading fanfiction about the founders, which there are a lot of them, Hufflepuff house is always the most grounded and hard-working of the four houses. Even with the hard-working and loyalty, there are some that you want to hit over the head for some things they do, it’s a little annoying, to be honest.

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