HP Ceramic Cauldron Mug – For Your Inner Potion Master

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One of the first things that I think about when I want to buy something from the Harry Potter fandom is apart from ‘can I afford it’ is will I use it more than once a week? The answer is yes, then its more likely that I will buy the product I am looking at. The one product that is sure to be used is a coffee mug, but this brings its own problems.

What mug is the right one for me to have? What shape do I want it to be?. When you have answered those questions, then you can move on to looking for the one you want. The next part is where to but it from, do you do it the old fashion way or from a website. One of the perks of using the web is that you have access to a lot of information so that you can make an informed decision about what mug you are looking for.

Benefits of your Cauldron

The main advantage of having your own mug of any fandom that you follow mostly comes down to having a fun and exciting piece of that fandom. It can be a talking point over coffee or breakfast with friends and family, something that you enjoy having your hot drink from or even eat hot soup when you want to sit down and watch your favorite Harry Potter movie.

The Use of you Cauldron

I really don’t need to say anything here about the use of a coffee mug, and I won’t demean anyone’s intelligence in this regard.

Product Description

The cauldron mug is made from ceramic in the shape of a cauldron; it does not have a handle (some designs do have a handle) to use, so caution is needed when you have hot liquid inside the mug. The color of the cups tend to be black or more along the lines of gunmetal, they do have some form of crest or pattern on them that refers to the world of Harry Potter.

A Product for the Inner Potion Master

A cauldron mug is one of those collectible that any self-respecting Harry Potter fan needs in their collection. Whether you want it for everyday use or just to add to your growing collection. The mug holds about 20oz of liquid, so it can hold enough for what you want to drink.

A Few Things That I Like

The main thing that I like about this product is the shape it. It’s a great look and something different to have on your bench for that morning cup of coffee or tea. There are other designs for this product that I also like, but the one in the picture is the one that I like the most.

The One Thing I Don’t Like

The only problem that I have with this particular design that is pictured here is the fact that it does not have a handle for you to use when you have a hot drink inside it. Any other design, they have a handle for your use.

Final Thoughts

Ceramic cauldron mug is a great item to have in your collection of Harry Potter, it’s functional and looks fantastic. It’s like having a small part of a potion class in your hand. For me, this is a product that would be the first thing that would lead me to look for other items to go along with this cauldron mug. I would enjoy having my morning coffee out of the cup while reading either the books of Harry Potter or your favorite Harry fan fiction story.

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