Hogwarts House Traits-Are they all they are cracked up to be.

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Hogwarts CastleIn this introduction, I hope to ask and make you think about how specific are the house traits of Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry are. A difficult question to answer, but the goal of the article to try to answer this challenging and exciting question.

The Sorting Hat.

The first point of call for the students of Hogwarts when they come for their first year of study. The hat got its sorting abilities for all four of the founders; they did this to ensure that the future students would be able to be sorted when they had passed on. The hat uses four main traits to sort the students into their houses but are they the only ones that students have? Surely they can have more than just one main characteristic. The sorting hat had done a great job of sorting the students thru the years but did it get it right when it placed the students. Could some other houses have used a different point of view if more of a variety of students had been sorted to their house help to give them a more broad point of view instead of a narrow one?

Gryffindor House.

The house of the brave and courageous, the mascot for this house is a lion, displaying the image Gryffindor Coat of Armsof pride and royalty. From the outside, this house should be a great place to be and find your way in life and life-long friendships. Can this lead to having a narrow frame of mind to the world around them? The answer could both yes and no, and that comes down to the fact the most are Muggle raised or born. The purebloods of the house have been raised believing in a black/white magical world view, and to a certain level, even muggle-born have this point of view. This view can lead to them not accepting any other aspect even when it is shown to them; they can’t take anything different.

Ravenclaw House.

Ravenclaw Coat of ArmsThe house of intelligence and wit, this house is one that has a more comprehensive magical world view or at least it should have that. The mascot of this house is a raven and to most, this means a great many things, including wisdom. The one thing that I have noticed with this house is that with intelligence, there can be less notice of healthy human interaction on a social level to the point that it does not concern them at all. This point of view can lead to having no concern for the magical world and what is happening around them; they focus on obtaining more knowledge just for the sake it.

Slytherin House.

The house of cunning and the ambitious, the one most unlike in all of  Hogwarts, Slytherin Coat of ArmsI do have to ask why that is. Could it be because of their founder having the ability to talk to snakes or that he wanted to be more selective in his students? Whatever the case may have been, the fact remains that this house is the most isolated within Hogwarts, is it any surprise that they come across as stand-off and have enough arrogance to power a small village! The majority of the house is pure blood with very few muggle-born or even half-blood, leading to a very narrow world view, one that has been handed down the family line for centuries and gives very few a chance to broaden their world view and see beyond black and white.

Hufflepuff House.

Hufflepuff Coat of ArmsThe house of dedication and loyalty, the home that most see as duffers and beautiful to have a bad thing to say about anything and anybody. This is a misconception on the part of the rest of Hogwarts and the magical world. The fact that their main trait is loyalty makes them the most accepting of different magical world views. The flip side to that is that for good or evil, they will not be moved away from where they have chosen to place that loyalty. What this means that they will not hesitate to fight back with a conviction for what they believe. This is shown by the fact that their mascot is a badger, they never back down from a fight.


In this conclusion, I hope to answer the question of house traits within Hogwarts School. To the outsider, the main house traits are somewhat right and accurate. The more you delve into the houses themselves and get to know the people both past and present, you can start to see that thing may not be so clear cut. The inability of some members of the four houses to see past their noses had led to widespread prejudice and narrow mindedness that led to the rise of Lord Voldemort and his death eaters. The house traits are great and all, but when you chose to ignore or even worse promote specific characteristics, over others you begin to bring about a very narrow view that can lead to more significant problems down the road. To be without saying ambition, this can lead to having no new ideas or innovation which can lead to a dying society or at least a very stagnation of the community. To be without loyalty, to have the mentality of all about me can lead to the same thing, and it goes without saying that to be without intelligence is even more devastating for society.

In closing, to have only a few main traits of your given house can be devastating for society as a whole. My feelings about this are that you need to have a mix of all four main house traits to bring new and innovative ideas and move progress forward for the next generation to catch and take with them into the future, to make it their own. Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think:)Hogwarts Coat of Arms

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  1. This is a very interesting take on the different houses and one I had not thought of. Unfortunatly, I feel like you have discribed the world that we live in! No one wants to get outside their little world and comfort zone to see how the “other half” lives. It’s a shame, really. As for Harry Potter, I have read 2 books and I’m looking to borrow the 3rd from someone to continue the series. I’ve enjoyed them so far!

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