Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived.

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Fan FictionHarry Potter book series was written by J.K. Rowling, this was a story about a boy called Harry Potter who went on a bit of an adventure with some friends he made at Hogwarts School. The first time reading Harry Potter was fun for me, the first few books were great and had some great moments in it. From meeting Fluffy to learning more about Harry’s family, both his parents and his Aunt and Uncle. There were a few things that as an adult jump out at you like a troll, but for the kids, it’s a great adventure with friends, winning against a great evil and saving the day.

The years before Hogwarts.

From the kid’s point of view, it’s a bit like reading a fairy tale like Cinderella or little red riding hood. It a story of someone who is meant for great things living in a not so great place but finds out that they are someone and not just a nobody, then they go off on an adventure, meet new people and find out who they are and right a wrong along the way. All in all, a great story with adventure, villains and friendship.

When I started to read the story only the first four books had been published, I had to wait for the others to come out ad it was a long wait. A few things stood out to me, but I did not let that deflect me from the main story of Harry and his struggle to find who he is and just trying to survive the year with his cousin. When he got his letter was when the story started to get my interesting for me as it brought me of the background into the story. For me, Harry’s early years were terrible, and I do find it strange that no one noticed or even did anything about, not also going and having a look about it, not good.


Harry’s life did improve when he went to Hogwarts, but then it did not as he ran into the whole The Boy who Lived thing and his reaction was always only going one of two ways, he would either love it or hate it. I think for the character of Harry, it had to be that he hated the fame from the death of his parents and that the fact he survived, I mean, what boy wouldn’t want to have his parents back from the dead and not have to put up with the public thinking that they know who he is and that they have the right to know what he is doing at every moment of the day. There were only two things that he liked about Hogwarts, and that was flying and his two best friends Ron and Hermione, even with Ron having a few brain frats throughout the books but in the end, he was right at Harry’s side to the end.


The thing about discrimination is that it goes both ways and not many people are immune to it, we all have it and it how much comes down to how we were raised by our family, the same for the Pure-bloods in the books, they were influenced by the family first and friends second. I will say that the Muggle-borns in the books have their own prejudice when it comes to the fact that the Wizarding World is very backwards and is unwilling to change and come up to the 21st century. This opposition to each other’s world view is at the heart of the books to me at least, it what gave the Dark Lord the motivation and backing from the pure-bloods to drive out those it did not want or believed that should be in the world of magic. This view caused so much havoc and death that they almost lost it to the void.

Canon v headcanon

I find it funny when I read anything be it a book or fan-fiction, in my head I’m thinking about the story could be vs what is actually written. I enjoy the canon first then my brain kicks in, and I start to believe what I would like to happen instead of what has been written in the story, it makes it fun to read. This might be why I enjoy reading fan-fiction a lot because it’s all headcanon from the writer.


The thing about the whole series is at the heart of it is ripping yarn with adventure and some tragedy mixed in with some light humour and great characters. At the end of the day, the story is about Harry’s struggles with the whole The Boy who Lived and the fact that he was being hunted for most of his life by a slightly sick individual who had an ego the size of the Milky Way and a flair for the dramatic like any good villain should be. Like any good vs evil story, the hero loses almost everything but comes out on top in the end and goes on with his life in an era of peace and finds what he had lost.

Harry can be seen from a sad point of view, but I chose not to have this point of view as I feel it does a disservice to the character of Harry, we really can’t look at his life in the books and not feel like he is a very strong-willed person who has had a lot of tragedy happen to home, but he did not let it drag him down. This could of quite quickly have occurred in the right context of the story. Please leave a comment below and tell what me what you think:)Gryffindor Coat of Arms

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter-The Boy Who Lived.”

  1. Even though I am an adult, I read all the Harry Potter books and loved them.  I do love good fantasy, anyway.

    The books, besides giving you a good story, have a lot to say about friends, and commitment, and sticking to something to the end.  They say a lot about loyalty and friendship; evil and wrongdoing.  They are the kinds of stories that will stick with you for a long time.  

    I was sorry to see the series end.

    1. Thanks for the comment and I am glad you like the series as did I, I keep some of it alive by reading fan fiction they rock!

  2. I think this is a very good talk about the whole story of Harry. It’s true that he was seen as a sad boy but it didn’t seem like this to me myself. I like to see him as someone who was just a bit unlucky and had to go through some tough times as a child even till he grew.  This is a very nice post.

    1. Thank you for the comment, I can see where you are coming from about Harry being unlucky instead of being sad as there was was just an undertone of sadness but that was more about him losing out on knowing his parents more than about his life with his aunt. 

  3. Hi! Very lovely post, I read all harry Potter books, they are great, I even watched all movies  but they are not as good as books – you know when you read books, your imagination lrts you wander off,and nobody can take you your picture out of your head – but movies filmed after books kind a spoil it, don’t they? Abput prejudice – I always believed that it is a hidden ( or not)  modern world metaphore – advanced world against third world, or historical conqeiering America bx Europeans – Indians vs Europeans.


    Primoz P.

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