Harry Potter FanFiction-A Great way to read Forward.

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Fan FictionIn the last few years, I have found fanfiction, most especially Harry Potter fan fiction. I have been blown away by some stories that I have read and have even gone back and re-read them multiple times. They range from light and fluffy to downright dark at times; it been a great ride for me.

Light and Fluffy

These are like one short story as they deal with the funny side of the main storyline. Like in few had Severus adopting Harry and he was telling a story about how he meets Harry’s dad in the platform, and they became friends throughout their school-days. Others are about Harry saying thank you for looking after him when he found out about his life at his aunt’s house. This type of fan-fiction for me at least is like watching a holiday or a feel-good movie, just in written form.


I have to say that these are sometimes funny as hell, mostly because the question becomes ‘how the hell do you cross this with this one‘ I mean seriously Harry Potter with Star Wars! The first time I saw this as a cross-over on the website that I use, I was like OMG! Then I read one and was instead blown away by it, to me, it showed the writer had an exceptional understanding of both these and was able to integrate them seamlessly. There are a thousand or more different books, movies, TV shows or even anime that have been crossed with one another. I do try to branch out a bit with this particular form of fan-fiction, but I end back with Harry Potter cross-overs. The other cross-overs that I like to read the most with Harry Potter are NCIS, Criminal Minds, Star Wars, Star Trek, Twilight and The Avengers.

One of the NCIS cross-overs is called “The Last Straw” that in on fanfiction.net, that I will say that I almost exclusively read from and have saved quite a lot of stories. In this one, Harry is an Auror, and he is attacked on the way home from the pub one night, and things happen that lead him to leave the UK and movie to the USA, Won’t give away much of the story so that you can go and read for yourself, but I will warn you it’s not finished yet even at 96 chapters. Yeah, it a long one for sure.i

Dark/Independent Harry

These are an excellent read for me as they give a different point of view to Harry’s character. It isn’t so much his actions, it’s the reactions of others in the story that I find either funny or entirely over the top. One of the best that I have read is on-site called archiveofourown.com or AO3, and the story is called “It makes you wonder”. In this story, Harry becomes the Dark Lord over Tom, which I find really cool, to be honest, it’s well written, and I have read it several times.

I guess the reason that I like about these types of stories is that they are a look into what Harry could have been if the thing went in the wrong direction and the outcome was so much more than what you were expecting. It shows the darker side of humanity in the context of abuse from a young age.


I will admit that out of all the sub-genres of fan-fiction, this is the one that I read the most. Some are great and are paced at the right speed for a real relationship to form correctly as it should be, but a few just trying to force the issue and leaves you feeling where was the rest of the story.

The main pairings that I read about as follows, Harry and Severus, Lucius and Tom with a few others thrown in for good measure. The reason why I like these, in particular, Harry was never much of a child in the story. He needed someone older than him to have someone who could understand what he had been through with losing both of his parents than having to put up with the whole Boy-who-Lived nonsense, he needed that grounding.


I will admit that I am a Severus Snape fan from the books more so than the movies, mostly because he is snarky. Still, I know that he is not the greatest in the series and just as much of a bully James Potter was to him in his school-days but just a bit nastier to everyone else. I do like reading the flip side of his character in fan-fiction as it brings out more of him and not just what we see on the page or the screen, to which Alan Rickman played to perfection I might add.

To me, fan-fiction is something that can is used to express how you felt about the story as a whole and what you would change about. Like for example, in the books, Harry’s home life is not made more of a big deal about, but in fan-fiction, you as the writer can have your say about how you feel about it. I know to most of us it’s just really glossed over and that is not a good thing.

Fan-fiction is just an excellent way for people to write and share their stories with other like-minded people and enjoy something that they love to do. As a species, we love a good tale told well 🙂 Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think:)Fan Fiction

8 thoughts on “Harry Potter FanFiction-A Great way to read Forward.”

  1. This was so much fun to read about. I never knew there were fan stories and I love the Harry Potter stories. You make some really good points about Severus being a bully as bad as James. Poor Harry growing up in that horrible family situation. 

    I would have thought Harry would have become a bit meaner and tougher, as one bad thing after another happened to him. Terrific characters and such fun to write about.  This is my new hobby, thanks.

    Lily 😁🎶

    1. Glad you liked the post and if you put your toe into the lake then you will find something that you will like, the scope of the writing is immense, there bound to be something you like. 


  2. Another interesting dig into the lives of the characters of harry potter and how the Dan stories have depicted them too.  Well! I would love to see some of the fan fiction and see the various ways the characters have been developed or represented. Well! Severus Snape was really a point of interest for me all through the setoesm though I must admit I hated him for being a bulky but then, I later liked him considering various circumstances. And seeing harry and the bad sides too, it would be crazy to read.

    1. Fan fiction is a blast to read and dark harry is very cool so not like the books at all and what makes it better is with having Severus by his side. I will say reading about Severus when he is not a death eater, shows who he could have been and its someone I would like. 

  3. I wouldn’t expect anything less than funny from the fans. I think it is just typical to find something like that from the fans. It is just putting their imagination into work as well. I like the fact that you can give us a glimpse at some lf the stories out there. I think I will because a frequent readdr f the Harry Potter fan fiction too. Thanks!

    1. It’s a weird and wonderful world, it something you should try and see what you like and try out a few more of the site than that I mentioned, there are loads of them, enjoy your trip into fan-fiction. 

  4. This was an interesting article for me, as the Harry Potter fan-fiction can take you anywhere you dream of and mix and match stories and adventures as the authors want (and readers will enjoy and buy!). I have not run across a post on this so yours immediately caught my attention.

    You have been caught up in the same fandom that I have it appears, and it is good that others will be introduced with this post to this entertaining genre of writing. I will pass this website on to my friends so they can enjoy this and your other content as well! Thanks!  

    1. Thank you for the comment, I’m glad you liked it and It’s a great way to pass the time when you want to have ‘me time’. 

      Thank you the recommendation of my website, I hope to see you back again and liking what you see😏

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