Gryffindor House – The Lion of the North

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GryffindorThru out the history of Hogwarts school, Gryffindor House is the first name that comes to mind to the rest of the world, at times the other three get a little left out in the cold. I have always felt that just because they are loins, they are the more important than the rest of Hogwarts, to me at least, this was to the determent for the others.

Head of the Pride

Godric Gryffindor is the most known of the four friends that helped build Hogwarts school, the founding principles of the house is Honour, Pride and Bravery. Godric by all accounts was a great man, would run headfirst into battle, defending the defend less, in other words, he did not think before he jumped.

If I was to take some things from fan-fiction about Godric, he was either a great man or the biggest bigot you could ever find in your life. This is the beauty of fan-fiction, it’s the best way to get your own opinion about anything that you had a problem with whatever you are a fan of.

Pride Members

I have always had a problem when it comes to the members of Gryffindor, I am not really sure what it is, but I think that it might be because they have more of an entitlement issue than the rest of the school. The sense of being better than everyone else is, in fact, worse than what I have noticed with the members of Slytherin and most are pureblood.

I think it’s the lack of thinking that leads to the confrontations between the lions and everyone else and I don’t mean just with the snakes, it’s with anyone that they just don’t get along with or that they have dismissed out of hand.

Lions vs Snakes

The house rivalry between Slytherin and Gryffindor has always bugged me, I really have no idea who is to blame more, both are as bad as each other. Personally, I feel that the lions do not take to change very well, it’s the adaptability of Slytherins that keep Gryffindors off-centre and flat-footed.

The blatant favouritism of the house thru out the decades by most of the staff and headmasters really did not help matters much. It created a mentality of superiority that they took into the real world and then found that they were not really all that good as they thought they were.

Second Blood War

The rise of the Dark Lord Voldemort in both the first and second times was just downright evil all around for everyone in the world. The background of the Dark Lord is not in question, it is a given fact. What is in question is how much did the rivalry between the two houses have on an emotionally stunted child. The way I see it, it had a bit of effect Tom but not as much as it would seem, most of the damage was done before he got to Hogwarts. From the moment he saw the way Hogwarts worked, he felt that it needed to change, but it was the way he went about that was not the best.


If you are a person who prescribes to the belief that magically comes in three parts, dark, light and grey, then you can see the problems that most of Gryffindor House will have, as they see things very black and white. Because of this point of view, a lot of them fell to the Dark Lord but for a few who I don’t think should have been in the house to start with, joined him.

Gryffindor House is neither bad nor good, it just is, it’s who is in the house that can give the house a bad or good name, It’s also the same for Slytherin House. My feelings about this house are they are great and all, but they need to find a few brain cells, just take a breath then move forward. The few times that I know about when someone actually used their brain, they proved that they were up with the best of them.

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  1. Hi Larisa, I just had a quick look through. Not really my sort of thing if I must be honest – but I like how this post is laid out and the look of your site. I’m sure for Harry Potter fans this site will be a good read for them. It’s funny actually was in London Kings Cross last month and they had some big Harry Potter thing going on was loads of people there not sure what it was though.

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